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The Windjammer: Always a Jam Good Time!

The Windjammer was founded in 1972 by brothers Malcolm and James Burgis. The doors opened in April on the site of the "original" SurfDeck. When owned by Art Ruth it was known as the Sea Side. The Sea Side closed some time in 1969, according to Malcolm's memory. James Burgis sold his share of the Windjammer to current partner Bill Kulseth in 1974.  If you care to add to this article, please email so that we can include your input. Here are some black and white snapshots that show what it was like "back in the day."

The Bill of Fare sign seen in this picture was stolen. Its obviously a very valuable artifact now, worth at least as much as an original Spoleto banner. Let us know if you see it offered on Ebay, or in your neighbors den, OK?

This is a shot of Malcolm throwing T-Shirts from the roof. I don't know if Bill was following up with those who caught them and demanding payment or not.

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