Windjammer Volleyball

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“Promoting Beach Volleyball for Over 40 Years”

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Photo Mid 70’s

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The Windjammer maintains a few courts on the beach for use by the general public.
These courts are available on a first come basis and may be used for FREE anytime. Unless The Windjammer is hosting League or Tournament Play.  We do the best we can with these courts, but mother nature has her input as well. Please have fun and share.         Thanks, The Windjammer



 Windjammer Junior Leagues

To participate in Windjammer Volleyball events. You must be a member of Volley America.

You can become a member by registering here:

Organization: Select Jammer Volleyball in the drop down Menu


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The Windjammer


Summer Juniors Beach Champions


Hailey Ross and Brooke Aden

“Promoting Beach Volleyball on Isle Of Palms since 1972″